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Shui Yuet Kung, Ap Lei Chau

Shui Yuet Kung, Ap Lei Chau
  The exact construction time of this temple cannot be traced. From the dates written on the plaque hanging in the temple and the inscriptions on the stone tablet which commemorates the reconstruction work, the temple should already be in existence since 1891.

Kwun Yum (also named as Guan Yin) - Goddess of Mercy

Kwun Yum or Kwun Sai Yum (觀世音) in the earlier times was a male deity in Buddhism, but evolved to a female deity in the Tong Dynasty. She is known for centuries as a goddess of sympathy, compassion and mercy. She is willing to hear the pleas of those who are suffering. Arising from a saying that Kwun Yum studied on lotus blossoms, some Kwun Yum Temples are also called Lin Fa Kung (Palace of Lotus Flower) or Shui Yuet Kung (Palace of Water and Moon), which stands for quiet, peaceful and detached from the material world.

Architectural Setting

Architectural Setting

Other Deities

Apart from Kwun Yum, the temple also houses All Saints (All Saints in this temple include Kwan Tai (God of War), Tin Hau (Goddess of the Sea), Jai Kung (God of Abating Distress/ Beggar Monk of Good Character) and Wong Tai Sin.

Kwun Yum Festival

There are four Kwun Yum Festivals every year and they fall on the 19th February, June, September and November in Lunar Calendar and these days correspond respectively to her birthday, day of enlightenment, day of ascension and day of assumption as sea goddess.

Major Renovations

This temple underwent major renovation in 1995.

Major Renovations   Major Renovations




181 Ap Lei Chau Main Street, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong (Ap Lei Chau Wind Tower Park)

Opening Hours

8:00am to 5:00pm daily

TEL No.:

2552 8735

Public Transport:

  • Take boat at Aberdeen to Ap Lei Chau Waterfront Promenade - turn right after getting off
  • Lei Tung Station Exit A1, take a left from the station and walk along Ap Lei Chau Main Street → Ap Lei Chau Wind Tower Park (10 mins.)
  • Lei Tung Station Exit A1, turn left at the Exit → Ap Lei Chau Main Street → Ap Lei Chau Wind Tower Park (about 10 mins.)