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Grantham Scholarships Fund


Under section 5 of the Grantham Scholarships Fund Ordinance (Cap. 1076), the Fund is to be applied for the promotion and encouragement of local education through the provision of scholarships and maintenance grants in primary schools, secondary schools, pre-vocational schools, technical schools and institutions of higher education in Hong Kong.

Scholarships and Subsidy Schemes

(1) Grantham Scholars of the Year Award for senior secondary graduates

(2) Scholarships for Students of the Hong Kong Metropolitan University

(3) Todd Memorial Scholarships for students of the Aberdeen Technical School

(4) Grantham Maintenance Grants

(5) Scholarships for Students of the Vocational Training Council

(6) Scholarships for Students of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

(7) Grantham Uniformed Youth Groups Outstanding Service Award

(8) Grantham Outstanding Student Athletes Award

(9) Grantham Visual Arts Awards

(10) Grantham Awards for Students of Special Schools

(11) Grantham Music Awards

Annual report 2022-2023