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Pak Tai, Tam Kung & Tin Hau Temples, Wong Nai Chung

Old Temple was previously located on a slope near the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital in Happy Valley. It was demolished during urban development. The new temple at Blue Pool Road was built in 1901 and funded by Hakka(客家) people living in the Wong Nai Chung area. A Tin Hau Temple is situated at the back of this temple.

Origin of the Temple

There was an interesting story behind the origin of the present temple. After the demolition of the old temple, a Hakka boy was seen sitting on the present site of the temple, telling people that he was the incarnation of Tam Kung and wanted a temple to be built there for people to worship him. People followed his words and built the present temple in 1901. It was also said that during an air raid in the Second World War, a bomb was dropped in front of the temple but did not go off. People believed this was a miracle of Tam Kung who kept a constant watch over their safety.

Tam Kung - Sea God Lord Tam (譚公)

Tam Kung was originally a native of Huizhou (惠州) in Guangdong Province (廣東省) during Yuan Dynasty. When he was 12 years old, he already possessed supernatural powers to command the wind and rain, and cure the sick. His ability to forecast the weather made him a popular deity among the fishermen. Tam Kung is portrayed as being young and having a fresh face.

Tin Hau (Goddess of the Sea)

Tin Hau (天后) who is also called Matsu (Mother-Ancestor)(媽祖) was a native of Fujian Province (福建省). She met a Taoist priest at the age of 13 who taught her how to predict the future and help those who were sick and weak. It was said that she travelled about the sea on a mattress made of reed to save the people who were being drowned. People therefore looked upon her as the goddess for safety on the sea.

The temple itself is small relative to the overall structure which includes a covered terrace. Further up the Tam Kung Temple there is a small temple dedicated to Tin Hau.

Other Deities

Apart from the main deity of Tam Kung, Tam Kung Temple also houses Pak Tai (Supreme Emperor of the North), Tai Sui (Sixty Gods of Time), Kwun Yum (Goddess of Mercy), Lui Cho (One of the Eight Immortals), Lui Wo (Goddess of Marriage and Fertility), Wong Tai Sin (A God of Medicine), Wai Nung (a Buddhist monk in Tang Dynasty), Lady Golden Flower (Patron of Pregnant Women) and Shing Wong (City God). Deities being worshipped in the Tin Hau Temple include Tin Hau, Tai Sui (Sixty Gods of Time) and Shing Wong (City God).

Tam Kung Festival

Tam Kung Festival falls on the eighth day of the fourth lunar month. Since 1915, festive activities including theatrical performance and parade around the streets of Happy Valley are held every year to celebrate the birthdays of Tam Kung in odd years and Pak Tai in even years.

Other Related Festival

Pak Tai Festival - the 3rd day of the third lunar month

Major Renovations

This temple had undergone major renovations in 1989 and 2005.

9, Blue Pool Rd.,Wongneichung,H.K.
Public Transport

Walk along Blue Pool Road from Happy Valley Tram Terminus to the junction of Ventris Road

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8:00am to 5:00pm daily
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